Shatter the limits holding back your sellers

Mastermind enhances Demoleap’s real-time sales playbooks with a powerful AI Assistant that guides sales teams during live calls to close more deals and remove tedious overhead work.
Demoleap Mastermind - Real-time AI-guided selling assistant | Product Hunt

Answer Every Question

No more awkward silences. Equip your sellers with voice-triggered battle cards that upgrade your sellers’ knowledge and sales skills in real-time. Build trust and rapport by addressing any customer objection, query, or concern.

Boost Engagement During Sales Calls

Stop measuring your sellers’ listen-to-talk ratio when the deal is already lost. Ensure your sellers are aware of who is engaged and how much they talked in real-time when it still counts. Improve sellers' listening skills with Demoleap’s live speaker insights.

Stay Attentive to Every Detail

Make sure your sellers are on top of their game by focusing on the meeting rather than on taking notes. Utilize real-time transcripts to improve CRM data entry and to revisit key topics during and post-sales calls.

Capture Everything

Reduce sales calls overhead with Demoleap’s smart CRM integration. With one click, sellers can capture and sync all their data and notes to specific CRM fields, spending less time on after-call tasks and more time on selling.