Playbooks that help turn every rep into a top performing seller

AI-enabled playbooks that use verbal cues and mouse tracking to prompt the knowledge sellers need in real-time to run a successful live demo

Formulate winning sales
Access constantly
updated sales collateral.
Identify impactful playbooks
and sales processes.
Implement a winning  
predictable sales process.


Ensure SDRs and BDRs ask the right questions. Remove inconsistencies and ensure every prospect gets the VIP experience they deserve.


Let teams run a perfectly crafted discovery during product demos or standalone sessions. Whatever your sales motion is, Demoleap is there to support you in real-time.

Demo Playbooks

Give sellers in the moment access to what they need to succeed. With real-time coaching, pre-demo planning, and the only live co-pilot, sellers focus on the customer, not the features.

Playbook Measurement

Measure and iterate your demo playbooks with live dashboards and CRM integration. With Demoleap, each live sales demo delivered is measured, adding more metrics you can improve upon and creating your demo improvement cycle.


Train, Certify, and empower sellers to run great discovery and deliver value-based demos that resonate.

Turn training and sales enablement into seller actions and beat the forgetting curve.

Onboard sellers quickly with 5X faster time to productivity.


Lift seller confidence and ability with our live assistant and real-time coach.

Ensure consistent discovery and demo behaviors across sellers of every tenure and ability.

Reduce training overhead and help sellers overcome the high cognitive load of the sales demo.


Measure all discovery and demo behaviors and outcomes with native Dashboards.

Combine CRM and Demoleap and gain insight into discovery and demo behaviors with accounts and opportunities.