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Customizable sales playbooks: Leading frameworks and templates
CRM integration (unlimited updates)
Calendar integration
Slides and presentations integration
Battle cards repository
Email support


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Everything in Starter, plus:
AI note taker (20 hours/mo)
Auto-generated call summaries
Auto-generated follow-up emails
Voice-triggered battle cards
Product demo co-pilot


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Everything in Professional , plus:
AI note taker (unlimited hours)
Reporting and analytics
Advanced CRM integration
Dedicated customer success
Custom onboarding

Frequently asked questions

How will real-time assistance improve my team's discovery and demo calls?
How long does it take to set up?
What happens if I exceed usage limits?
Is my data secure?
What resources do you have to help with onboarding?
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Easy to Integrate

Demoleap works seamlessly with your application, CRM, Conferencing tools, and Slides software, without a single line of code.

Simple to Implement

Our no-code builder lets you create demo playbooks in minutes and get every seller up and running faster than you can imagine.

Always Secure

Demoleap is proud to be SOC 2® Type II and GDPR® compliant, giving you the assurance of top-tier data security.

Why customers love Demoleap

There is so much about Demoleap that is fully aligned to the process that I expect from my reps, not only our discovery and demo methodology but also the process itself, the note-taking, annotation, product presentation, and more.
Matt Meghory
VP of Sales at SysAid
Cloudify is a continuously changing product and can be complex to demo. Our demos need to be flexible and highlight only the use cases that are most important to each customer. Demoleap enables us to provide a live demo experience that our entire team can follow, focuses on the most important use cases for the customer, and provides ready-to-use demo assets for new team members.
Jason Hammond
Director of Cloud Solutions
at Cloudify.co
The more consistent your sales team can operate, the easier it is to improve, diagnose problems,
and fix anything that's broken. Demoleap helps to drive that consistency while we scale.
Will Ibsen
VP of Sales at Maxio