Unleash Your Sales Team's Superpowers with Demoleap Mastermind

by Matan Mostov
August 19, 2023
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Mastermind enhances Demoleap’s real-time sales playbooks with a powerful AI Assistant that guides sales teams during live calls to close more deals and remove tedious overhead work. Demoleap is the only solution that combines product and verbal cues to surface knowledge that helps your sellers run the perfect qualification, discovery, and live demo calls.

Unleash Your Sales Team's Superpowers with Demoleap Mastermind

We know that the sales landscape is experiencing a huge transformation these days, fueled by three interconnected emerging trends:

  • Prospects are showing more reluctance toward making purchases.
  • Companies are shifting their attention from achieving rapid expansion to enhancing sales effectiveness.
  • Sellers are required to provide added value and serve as reliable consultants by utilizing a more flexible sales approach.

“This shift is leading companies to seek out innovative tools that can boost sales efficiency while reducing enablement costs. As a result, the focus of sales technology is shifting towards improving sales execution rather than just providing data and insights to managers”, explains our CEO, Itay Sinuani.

In addition, traditional sales enablement tools don’t address human cognitive limitations, including memory loss, which are the main barriers holding your sellers back.

To tackle these new sales challenges and relieve the ever-growing pressure on sales teams to hit quota, we put our minds, experience, and energy together. We created a first-of-its-kind smart AI sales assistant that helps sellers uncover and reach their full potential.

In case you don’t know this about us, we provide real-time guided selling technology with one single purpose: to effectively improve sellers’ sales performance by allowing them to correctly use one of the most powerful tools in their toolbox: the demo.

Now, we sprinkled a good amount of AI on everything and created the Demoleap Mastermind, which enhances our real-time sales playbooks with an AI assistant that guides sellers during live calls, helping them close more deals and remove tedious overhead tasks. This is the first-ever tool that offers a combination of product and verbal cues to unlock the knowledge that helps sellers run the perfect qualification, discovery, and live demo calls. 

Here are all the new and super exciting features of the new tool.  

Voice-Triggered  Battle Cards - Answer Anything and Everything

In its 5th edition of the State of Sales report, Salesforce states, “87% of business buyers expect sales reps to act as trusted advisors, and the best way to do that is to know how to educate the customer about how your product solves their problems.”

With the new sales battle cards, you can upgrade sellers’ capabilities and equip them with the knowledge and actions that will turn them into exceptional advisors and allow them to address any buyer concern, need, or question in real-time.

Our new feature uses an AI engine to transcribe the meeting in real-time (more on that in the next section). Then, the technology identifies cues from the conversation with the prospect and the seller’s browser. The algorithm prompts the battle cards according to product and verbal cues to offer the most relevant content the seller should use, such as which questions they should ask, what points they should discuss, which presentation or other resource is suitable, and in some cases, even an automated demo flow.

Real-Time Transcription - Never Miss A Word

Now sellers can focus on the most important thing and nothing else: the meeting. No more note-taking during the sales call, no more distractions. Only laser-sharp focus on the buyer, their needs, and concerns. 

Once the call is complete, by searching specific keywords, sellers can gain highly valuable insights into what was discussed and mentioned in the sales meeting, identify strengths and uncover weaknesses.

Speaker Insights - Every (Un)Spoken Word Counts

Both spoken and unspoken words are equally significant. By gaining insights into what was said and what wasn’t said, you can create an improvement loop and focus sellers on what they need to say exactly when they need to say it. 

This feature provides real-time data that clearly shows which participants or participants are less engaged so that sellers can address them specifically and get them more involved in the conversation. 

Smart CRM Integration - Capture Every Little Detail

Thanks to the smart CRM integration, you can reduce sales call overhead with one simple click. 

This feature allows sellers to capture and sync all their sales call data and notes with specific CRM fields, saving them a lot of time on post-demo activities and freeing them to do what they do best: selling. 

Unleash The True Potential Of Your Sales Team

“Here’s what gets me fired up,” concludes Sinuani. “Even today, many sales teams are equipped with various tools…all designed for managers. But what about the sellers? It’s crazy to think that in a world where it’s sink or swim, these tools only tell us why the seller drowned but do nothing to help them swim! 

“It’s time for a change, and I believe that sales technology needs to focus on empowering sellers, not just reporting on their performance.”

In other words, it's time to step into the new AI sales enablement era and gain personalized, real-time guidance that empowers your sellers to deliver winning sales demos every time. 

With powerful insights and data-driven sales playbooks at their fingertips, your sales team will hit their quota faster at lower overhead costs and consistently meet their sales goals.

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