About Demoleap

Demoleap aims to help companies present their product value in the most compelling way for every customer - every time.

Through our technology, we strive to change the way companies are demonstrating their products by instilling best practices and harnessing the collective wisdom of the organization. It’s a well-known fact that a bad demo can kill your deal, but did you know that a great demo actually boosts sales by increasing conversion rate, deal size, and sales velocity? We are the only real-time solution that assists sales representatives to manage the demo meeting in the best possible way while presenting in a live environment.

Itay Sinuani - CEO

Itay is a demo expert and led the mid-market solution engineering team for Salesforce Israel. Itay brings over 9 years of experience in CRM, consulting leading companies in the hi-tech industry. Itay was responsible for creating a new line of business as part of his role as a business development manager at a CRM consulting company.

Noam Singer - CTO

Experienced entrepreneur with over 15 years in software engineering. Noam was a co-founder & team leader in charge of big data and scalability at Tracx, a Social Media Management Platform. Tracx was one of the leading social media management platforms with hundreds of customers among them Apple, Kraft, BMW and many more.

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